The Final 6 Minutes of Sunday’s ‘True Detective’ May Be One of the Greatest Scenes in TV History

by Zak Cheney-Rice||PolicyMic

The news: On Sunday, HBO’s somber cop drama True Detective entered the “best shot in TV history” conversation with an uninterrupted six-minute tracking take. Critics have hailed it as the long-awaited moment when television and film craft became indistinguishable – one of the more “cinematic” moments to ever grace the small screen.

The shot follows Matthew McConaughey’s character, Detective Rust Cohle, as he helps a biker gang called the Iron Crusaders rob a stash house hidden in the walls of a low-income housing project in Beaumont, Texas. Two factors inform Cohle’s state of mind here: First, he’s undercover, and grudgingly agrees to participate in the robbery in exchange for access to a meth cook, who might be involved in the murder he’s investigating. The second is that he’s been snorting copious amounts of cocaine, some of it cut with another unnamed substance. “You’ll like it,” says Ginger, his biker acquaintance.



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