Infant Taken From Father Because Of Marijuana, Murdered By Foster Mother

Keith Farrell||The Libertarian Republic

Chalk up one more innocent life taken in the failed war on drugs. A Texas foster mother will serve life in prison for the death of a two year old girl, who had been taken from her parents because they smoked marijuana.

Alex Hill was placed in foster care after her father admitted to child welfare investigations that he sometimes used marijuana away from the child after she was asleep. Despite the fact that the child was never in any danger and was by all accounts happy living at home with her parents, she was removed from her home and placed in foster care, where she was abused and then murdered.

Hill’s parents had reported bruises on their child during several of their visitations, but the state never acted nor did they inform the Hills that their daughter’s foster mother, Sherill Small, had already had numerous violations.

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