5 Types of “Libertarians” That Are Actually Socialists

You might be a socialist if….

Keith Farrell||The Libertarian Republic

Libertarians come in all forms. But many have latched onto certain beliefs that actually contradict core libertarian tenets.

#5. GMO Labelers


Not only is science not in the corner of misguided individuals who want to label GMOs, but wanting to do so is actually supporting even more regulation over food labeling. While libertarians will curse the FDA for blocking access to new drug treatments, cronyism, and being wholly unnecessary in the field of medicine, many contradict themselves by wanting to award the FDA more power over what goes on our supermarket shelves. Because awarding the government with power over that will never result in a system which favors their cronies while heaping huge costs onto the little guy, right? Wait, that pretty much happens every time government gets involved in regulating an industry…

There are other problems, too. Genes spread. Cross pollination or breeding will carry modified genes into the fields of farmers that never asked for them. Even if it were possible to determine what is GMO and what isn’t, big companies like Kraft can afford the extra costs, while small farmers who wind up with GMO crops because of wind cannot.

The market should determine what labels are needed and what people want to eat. Asking the government to establish rule over food markets, violating the rights of private companies who produce and sell food, in the pursuit of a greater good that can only come from government force is rather socialist.

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