President Obama’s true feelings about transparency surface

Keith Farrell||Watchdog News

The White House is removing regulations which make its Office of Administration accountable to Freedom of Information Act requests. The change prevents journalists and private citizens from acquiring records from that office. This comes as an Associated Press report has found that the Obama administration set a record last year for censoring government files or denying access to them under the FOIA.

This is a president who has claimed his to be the most transparent administration in history. In fact, transparency was one of his oft stated promises when he first ran for president in 2007. But the reality of an Obama administration is far from the vision that was sold to American voters. Obama’s actions have proven that like many of his promises, talk of transparency was nothing more than empty rhetoric.

The White House rule change has come at a questionable time. It was announced on National Freedom of Information Day. It’s also Sunshine Week, a week where journalists and watchdog groups seek to highlight issues concerning government transparency.

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